Building Urban Community Networks for Sustainable Cities in Africa

Dear our Stakeholders,
We are excited to inform you that our session entitled "Cities working towards urban resilience and sustainability: stories from Africa" has been accepted for hosting! The session will be hosted onsite during the Sustainability Research and Innovation (SRI) congress on 20th - 24th June 2022 in Pretoria, South Africa. The specific topics to be addressed by the session are as follows:
1. Conceptualization of public space in Africa: experiences from Kigali, Rwanda (Dr. Josephine Malonza)
2. Impacts of increasing waste volume on ocean biodiversity and ecosystem services along the coastline of Mombasa city, Kenya (Dr. Margaret Owuor)
3. Viability of local solutions and solid waste management strategies: outcome of a stakeholder engagement in Dar es Salaam city, Tanzania (Mr. Shabani Soah)
4. Rethinking the energy systems in the fight against climate change in Lagos, Nigeria (Mr. Olusola Adeoye)
5. The role of technology in tracking water and air pollution in cities: a survey of actors in air and water quality monitoring in Nairobi, Kenya (Dr. David Mugo)
6. Mass media and public engagement in long-term goals for sustainability of Kumasi, Ghana (Dr. Benjamin Campion)
You can increase visibility of your organisation through the international event in South Africa by sponsoring our session or any other item/s as described by the SRI2022 sponsorship and promotion opportunities (see, https://sri2022.org/sponsor/).
In case you would choose to sponsor our session, we would include your organization and company logos in our publicity materials for the session.
We invite you to follow our session scheduled for 24th June 2022 between 12:00PM - 1:30PM EAT. Here is the full program: SRI2022 Online Congress Platform
Thank you,
Dr. Wangai Peter
PI - UComNetSus Project
More Information about SRI2022 can be found here: Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2022